Property department’s 360°-degree technical expertise and in-depth understanding of today’s dynamic market are its key strengths. With decades of experience in real estate development in Mauritius, its teams of high-calibre professionals offer to home owners, investors, buyers and tenants a full set of specialist services. 

These include land bank management and surveying, master planning, asset and property development and management, construction and project management, marketing and sales, leasing and rental.


Our master planning team advises clients, upstream, on site identification, with regards to typology of community and development objectives. Downstream service delivery includes the elaboration of concept plans, site master plans as well as phasing-out plans.



We manage every aspect of the development of portfolios, across an extensive range of categories. Our market-oriented approach, and market intelligence optimises value of assets and returns on development.


Our end-to-end services, tailor-cut to site needs, ensure successful completion of projects. We encompass budgeting, scheduling, permits; procurement of service-providers, equipment and materials. We manage logistics; ensure quality and cost control and supervisory as well as compliance inspections.



Our hands-on experience, market insight and market intelligence owe us a remarkable success rate. We guide sellers and buyers through the sales and leasing process; we screen opportunities to select the best and manage smooth transactions to the advantage of all parties.


We set up integrated Management Information System, including GIS; carry out survey of boundaries and sites; topography and site analysis, mapping and inventories – facilitating upfront definition of scope for development and enhancing strategic planning within a long-term development vision.



Our solid experience in market-oriented property management enables us to assist effectively real estate owners and investors to build their asset and property portfolio. We recommend and implement management and development strategies that will cultivate the market value of their portfolio and maximise returns.


2007 is that momentous year when we were entrusted with Medine’s extensive land bank. We spearheaded major developments and made remarkable headway since then.

  • 2017
    Cascavelle Shopping Village

    The first phase of the new wing unveils its modern and cheerful design, dressed up with greenery for a relaxing atmosphere. It features a brand-new...

  • 2017
    West Coast International Secondary School

    Expansion and Completion: Phase 1 With new classrooms built, Phase 1 is complete, with a new library, three new science laboratories and a doubled intake...

  • 2017
    Launch: Uniciti Underpass

    Connecting North and South Uniciti underground of Flic-en-Flac road, this green-bordered and well lit-up underpass offers safe communting to residents of Green Creek Estate, students...

  • 2016
    Launch: Uniciti Office Park Phase 3

    With eight new buildings for an additional 9,000 m2, the Park now covers 15,000+ m2. Occupancy rate is up to 90%, of which 75% tenants...

  • 2017
    Launch: Uniciti’s Security Patrol

    Uniciti is now under the close watch of its very own security patrol. Launched by Medine Group, it ensures residents, visitors, employees, students and Uniciti’s...

  • 2018
    Branding: Uniciti Education Hub

    Uniciti Education Hub encapsulates the nursery, pre-primary, primary, secondary, higher and executive education offer of Uniciti. It is the flagship of the international campus, geared...

  • 2015
    Launch: Uniciti Student Restaurant

    Within easy reach of universities and student life residences, this dedicated restaurant, with roof-top terrace, enhances campus life. It serves breakfast, lunch and dinner 7/7.

  • 2013
    Launch: Uniciti SPARC

    The Sport, Aquatics & Recretation Centre of Uniciti (SPARC) is a full-fledged multisport practice complex. It includes a jogging track, a 5-a-side field, an olympic...

  • 2017
    Launch: Mount Pleasant - Roches Brunes

    Affordable Mount Pleasant is a charming neighbourhood with a splendid view on Corps de Garde mountain and the west coast. It offers an ideal suburban...

  • 2017
    Opening: Middlesex University Mauritius in Uniciti

    Middlesex University’s new Mauritian premises include spacious lecture theatres, classrooms, library and student house; a laboratory block with specialty IT facilities for networking, robotics, biodiversity,...

  • 2017
    Launch: Uniciti Smart City

    A historical date for Medine Group. Planned over a 350-hectare area between Bambous, Cascavelle and Flic en Flac, Uniciti will boost the sustainable development of...

  • 2016
    Extension: Monoprix Supermarket

    Some 500m² extension takes the sales area to 2,000+ m² for an enhanced shopping experience: new spaces for a greater choice of products; redesigned chilled...

  • 2015
    Renovation: Pierrefonds clubhouse

    Square Roots - Pierrefonds clubhouse is totally revamped. Catering facilities complement the beauty of its amenities and beautiful natural setting to welcome campus staff and...

  • 2014
    Extension: Pierrefonds ICSIA Campus

    21 classrooms have been added to welcome students of the International Campus for Sustainable and Innovative Africa (ICSIA), regrouping elite institutions like ESSEC, Université Paris...

  • 2017
    Renovation: La Fabrique Storage & Office Park

    Fully and beautifully renovated and landscaped, these time-honoured installations now offer a relaxing environment with great views, whereas remaining easily accessible from the centre and...

  • 2017
    Launch: Westcoast International Secondary School

    Westcoast International Secondary School (WISS) provides an ideal setting and framework for fulfilling teaching and learning. It offers multiple study tracks, extending beyond the classroom,...

  • 2014
    Launch: Green Creek Estate

    A part of a broader development, Green Creek includes generous green spaces, beautiful landscaping, broad tree-lined avenues; cycling, jogging and pedestrian pathways and a leisure...

  • 2013
    Launch: Bois d’Olive – Forestia

    This exquisitely landscaped gated morcellement preserves a hunting-grounds (chassé) character with its unspoiled forest, endemic and indigenous trees and plants. It weaves an intimate living-in-the-woods...

  • 2014
    Launch: L’Ile aux Enfants Pre-primary School

    L’Ile aux Enfants pre-primary provides a bilingual program, in a favourable environment, to help children explore, share and grow. Promoting a variety of skills and...

  • 2016
    Launch: New L’Ile aux Enfants nursery

    L’Ile aux Enfants nursery moves to a new 800 m² building, next to Westcoast International Primary School. The nursery promotes early childhood development through age-adapted...

  • 2014
    Extension: Westcoast International Primary School

    The extension of the state-of-the-art facilities of Westcoast International Primary School is completed, thus bringing the capacity of the school to 396 students.

  • 2017
    Extension: Casela World of Adventures

    The park extends to include a 4D simulator, shop and café in its Discovery Centre; new installations, activities and species, among which: giraffes, lamas and...

  • 2014
    Launch: Cavalia Equestrian Club

    Phase 1 of Cavalia covers 6 arpents. Its riding school offers classic lessons, horse training, jumping, vaulting, horse-ball, show jumping and other specific activities. The...

  • 2016
    Student Life Residences – Uniciti

    The first of its kind to open in Mauritius, it offers studios and shared apartments, with the added benefit of Uniciti’s facilities over time: student...

  • 2016
    Extension: Uniciti Office Park

    Two two-storey blocks, in keeping with the low-rise environment of Uniciti Office Park are added to extend the offer of office space by an overall...

  • 2012
    Sunset View

    Sunset view is set in Roches Brunes residential suburb on the outskirts of Beau-Bassin-Rose-Hill. It is a charming family-oriented development that remains close enough to...

  • 2013
    Launch: Talents Training Centre & Venue Facility

    Talents is a registered training institution located amidst a wide expanse of natural landscapes in Pierrefonds. The premises also serve the purpose of a venue...

  • 2014
    Launch: Westcoast International Primary School (WIPS)

    The brand new WIPS offers modern education in a secure environment not far from Cascavelle Shopping Village. The complex includes twelve classrooms, a library, a...

  • 2013
    Launch: Vatel Hotel Management School

    The reputed Vatel Hotel Management School of Mauritius is a 1,400 m² building with a modern architecture combining comfort and functionality. It houses ten classrooms,...

  • 2016
    Launch: Hi-tech Talents Amphitheatre

    Located in Pierrefonds and operated by Talents Training Centre, this state-of-the-art Amphitheatre has seating capacity of 60. Its architectural plans and hi-tech equipment are up...

  • 2018
    Launch: Kart Track Leisure Centre

    Adjoining Cascavelle Shopping Village, the 700-metre kart track and restaurant provide an innovative leisure centre with a modern and sporty ambience. Designed with safety in...

  • 2015
    Launch: Chaperon

    Located in the cool and green region of La Marie, this development enjoys amazing views. It is easily accessible from La Brasserie junction, Henrietta’s chapel...

  • 2015
    Launch: Real

    Located in the cool region of Henrietta, within close range of the nearby towns of Vacoas and Curepipe and their facilities, this development is easily...

  • 2018
    Launch: Ruisseau Palmyre

    Set in the prime residential area of Flic-en-Flac and benefitting from a sea-facing view, this development is close to Cascavelle Shopping Village and connected to...

  • 2016
    Launch: Residence St Jacques

    Surrounded by sugar cane fields, mountains and sea, this is ideally located development benefits from Flic en Flac’s facilities and beach just a stone-throw away...

  • 2016
    Launch: St Daniel

    St Daniel is set in the charming residential suburb of Roches Brunes, on the outskirts of Beau-Bassin-Rose-Hill. It is ideally located away from the down-town...

  • 2017
    Launch: Chapman's View

    Set in Coromandel and well connected to road networks, it is a highly practical location as it is within close range of both Port Louis...

  • 2015
    Launch: Nouveau Beard

    Located in the region of Henrietta, this development lies within easy access of the nearby towns of Vacoas and Curepipe and their facilities by way...

  • 2014
    Launch: Pousson

    Located in Henrietta, this development enjoys the uplands’ fresh climate and green and environment. Within close range of Vacoas and Curepipe yet spared the bustle,...

  • 2016
    Launch: Canot

    Set above Albion, it is ideally close both to the seaside village, its beach and amenities and to the towns of Beau-Bassin and Rose Hill....

  • 2014
    Launch: Bassin

    Set amidst greenery, it enjoys a strategic location at the crossroads of major roads linking the towns of the centre of the island and the...

  • 2012
    Launch: Terres d'Albion

    Set on the slopes of Albion, it enjoys beautiful views, the facilities of the seaside village and a good road network. It is ideal for...

  • 2016
    Launch: Albion Height

    It enjoys infinite ocean views beyond the historic lighthouse and the facilities of the seaside village. A haven of tranquillity, it remains however within close...

  • 2016
    Launch: Les Reserves de la Vanille

    Set in upmarket Floréal, this gated development enjoys a breath-taking panorama that embraces the western mountains and, beyond, the sea’s blue infinity. It’s other assets:...

  • 2014
    Launch: Bambous Industrial

    Set in an existing industrial zone, this freehold plot is flat and levelled, connected to CEB/CWA and linked to primary and secondary roads. Close to...

  • 2012

    Accessed via Henrietta Branch Road, Henrietta Estate Road or Les Mares Road, morcellement Bonnefin nestles among luxurious greenery and enjoys magnificent views on Tamarind Falls.

  • 2017
    Launch: Pierrefonds Riverside

    Set along the banks of Rempart River, at the foot of Trois Mamelles mountain, this gated development offers a beautiful natural setting. Its management office...

  • 2014
    Launch: Uniciti Office Park

    Welcoming local and international companies, Uniciti Office Park hosts low-rise buildings overlooking the mountains landwards and the west coast seawards. It is equipped with a...

  • 2017
    Cascavelle Shopping Village – Uniciti

    Overlooking the mountains landwards, and the west coast seawards, this elegant and vibrant shopping village opens 7/7 and is a favourite with families as it...

  • 2016
    Medine Mews

    Medine Mews is an eleven-storey building of 18,000 square metres at the heart of Port Louis. It offers office, commercial and parking space on sale...

  • 2014
    Launch: Tamarina golf-inclusive Boutique Hotel

    Adjoining Tamarina IRS Golf Estate, overlooking the secluded end of Tamarin Bay, this 4-star boutique hotel features 50 rooms and offers all-inclusive golf. Reconciling elegance...

  • 2017
    Launch: La Palmeraie Boutique Hotel

    Unravelling its unique traditional Moroccan style on a pristine beach along the east coast of Mauritius, intimate La Palmeraie Boutique Hotel features 60 rooms, 3...

  • 2017
    Launch: Tamarina IRS Golf Estate

    The unique IRS Tamarina golf estate is the pioneer in its kind in Mauritius. It includes 119 luxury villas, an 18-hole Rodney Wright-designed championship golf...